What’s it like living in Mazatlán? (plus misconceptions, safety, and more…)


Chuck has lived and traveled around Mexico for the last 50 years. He knows the country and isn’t shy to tell you what he thinks of the misconceptions, sensationalism, and fearmongering spread in the media around safety in Mexico.

Chuck! Can you please tell us about yourself? How did you end up deciding that you wanted to leave the US and live in Mexico?

In 1975 (I was 25), I left California on a trip that ended up lasting eight months. The start of the voyage involved hitching from the Bay Area to Calexico/Mexicali on the border. There I took the slow train getting off for a few days in Guaymas and San Carlos Bay. Back on the train, my next stop was Mazatlan.

The total travel time there from Mexicali was thirty-six hours, and the ticket cost six dollars. I arrived in the Pearl of the Pacific in early December 1975 and fell in love, an affair that has lasted ever since.

I have traveled all over Mexico with a backpack many times and continue to do so today nearing my seventy-third birthday.  I have visited countless beautiful and interesting places, but Mazatlan has always remained central in my heart.

I’ve always traveled and, even with  Kathy working, would spend four to six months traveling by myself around Thailand, Bali, India, or Mexico. From 2003 to 2017 I alternated winters between Southeast Asia/India and Mazatlan. Then with Kathy nearing retirement, we bought our little heaven on the beach.

I love authentic Mexico and parts of Mazatlan are too Gringo for my taste. It is, however, peaceful and tranquil and on a gorgeous beach. Kathy loves it here. She doesn’t speak Spanish and with two knee replacements cannot and does not want to travel the way I do. But okay.  As they say, happy wife, happy life.

Chuck is the author of 3 books available on Amazon. They’re Full Moon on the GangaThe Gold StarThe China Girl

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