New Deer Monument Represents the Greatness of Mazatlán’s People


The figure adds to the city’s attractions and could be inaugurated in June, José Óscar Sánchez anticipates. With the new deer monument in this city, the aim is to represent the greatness and strength of the people of Mazatlán, explained the founder of the company Dportenis, José Óscar Sánchez, who donated this monument that is in the final stage of construction.

Located at the roundabout at the intersection of Carlos Canseco Avenue and Paseo del Atlántico, he said that this monumental figure will be a new attraction for the port.

He mentioned that what was sought to be done is a representation of the men and women of Mazatlán in terms of their strength, character, and the greatness that characterizes the inhabitants of this municipality.

He reiterated that the goal of joining the remodeling of this roundabout is to give something back to the city; that there is no other intention, but to return a little of what Mazatlán has given him as a businessman.

“I told them it’s not as it is, but as we see ourselves. So, what I try to represent is how we Mazatlán’s people see ourselves. That’s why it looks big, strong, proud. These are the characteristics that are being highlighted, and it is what we want to communicate, that we are people who look forward; we look to the future, we are hardworking people.”

Óscar Sánchez specified that the installation works of the monument are expected to be completed by the end of this month, to later make the official inauguration where more details of this great work will be given.

At the point where the monumental deer is installed, there was previously a fountain known as the “glorieta de los suaves” in reference to a typical candy of the city; however, the municipal administration decided to remodel the site to give it another image since it is the mandatory passage for those entering the city from the Mazatlán Bypass, towards the hotel zone and La Marina.

Source: Linea Directa