Mazatlán Gets a Makeover! Pulmonía Monument Looks Brand New


Maintenance work on tourist sites near the coastal strip aims to present a better face of the city, and these spaces have been rehabilitated.

In order to renew and provide a pleasant appearance of the city for both tourists and local families, and as part of the municipal program for the maintenance and rehabilitation of monuments and tourist sites, work was carried out to beautify the Pulmonía monument and the photographic stop at Martiniano Carvajal park in Mazatlán.

In the first case, personnel from the Municipal Public Works carried out the rehabilitation of the main structure that supports the body of the Pulmonía statue, using fiberglass and paintwork to enhance the view of the iconic monument to the port’s emblematic transport.

Regarding the Mazatlán letters located in Martiniano Carvajal park, next to the Interactive Oasis, which showed signs of deterioration, they were also subject to rehabilitation that has already begun with anti-corrosive treatment, sanding, painting work, and vinyl replacement, with a design similar to the photographic stop near Valentino’s.

It is worth mentioning that the maintenance and rehabilitation program for monuments and tourist sites also includes the velarium of the sports court in Martiniano Carvajal park, once the bidding process has been completed.

As part of this scheme, maintenance has already been provided to the urban infrastructure in the area of the boardwalk, and the rehabilitation of the monuments to Pedro Infante, Fernando Valadés, and the Venadito located in the Olas Altas promenade is being completed, in addition to the monument to The Family and the Dolphin Woman.

Source: Linea Directa