“With the zip line, we bring Mazatlán to the forefront of tourism,” says Alejandro Cristerna.


Grupo Petroil is open to dialogue and emphasizes that the Lighthouse will continue to be a free space for the enjoyment of all Mazatlecos and tourists.

 With the goal of taking Mazatlán to the next level in terms of tourism with world-class attractions, Grupo Petroil is carrying out the construction of the zip line that will connect Cerro del Crestón with Cerro del Vigía, which will be a great opportunity for those who enjoy extreme activities.

This was highlighted by Alejandro Cristerna Guzmán, director of transformation and innovation at Grupo Petroil during an interview for Línea Directa, where he mentioned that cities like Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, and Los Cabos have these types of tourist attractions, so Mazatlán was missing an option of this nature for national or foreign visitors to extend their stay in the city.

“It is a project with an extension of 1,250 meters. It is an experience for people who like adventure tourism, which will also give Mazatlán a projection as a high-quality tourist destination. We have zip lines in tourist destinations like Cancún, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos. In Mazatlán, within the conurbation area of Mazatlán, we do not have any, so this will be the first of them.”

Alejandro Cristerna reiterated that for the construction of the zip line, there are 27 permits or documents of municipal, state, and federal nature that allow work according to regulations and guarantee that there will be no environmental impact or privatization of Cerro del Crestón.

“We are not going to affect the flora or fauna. Another thing that has been commented on is that we as a company want to take over the Lighthouse. Neither is true, the Lighthouse is free and will continue to be free. It is one more attraction for Mazatlán that will trigger both direct and indirect jobs.”

The director of Transformation and Innovation at Grupo Petroil emphasized that this company is in favor of sustainability, so in addition to contributing to a new tourist attraction, it will continue to support the conservation of the flora and fauna of the Lighthouse.

He added that dialogue is also being promoted so that if an individual, group, or organization has doubts about this great project, they can approach this company to clarify any questions regarding it.

Source: Linea Directa