They shoot and kill Carlos Gabriel in the Puestas del Sol neighborhood of Mazatlán


He is the first person shot dead in this 2024

Since December 24, 2023, there had been no shooting homicide in Mazatlán until Wednesday night when a young man was killed outside a raspados business in the Puesta del Sol subdivision. Being the first of this year.

The events occurred on Cristóbal Colón Avenue and República street, in that settlement.

According to witnesses, at the scene they indicated that they only heard several detonations and when they left their houses, they saw a man lying on the pavement.

To the report to the emergency number, paramedics from Bomberos Veteranos Mazatlán quickly arrived who confirmed that the man no longer had vital signs.

The victim was identified at the scene as Carlos Gabriel “N”, 25 years old and a neighbor of Urbi Villas del Real, who had several impacts from a short firearm, apparently 9 millimeters.

Preventive elements arrived at the scene as first responders and later elements of the Investigation Police.

The area was cordoned off awaiting the expert and investigation personnel of the South Zone Vice Prosecutor’s Office for the corresponding procedures and later, to lift the body to be taken to the Forensic Medical Service for its subsequent identification and delivery to its relatives.

Source: Linea Directa