National Tourism Boosts the Port of Mazatlán


The port of Mazatlán experiences a tourist boom driven mainly by national tourism, thanks to the efficient connectivity of its roads.

José Gámez Valle, commercial manager of Pueblo Bonito Emerald Bay, highlighted that in the 80s, Mazatlán was one of the most important destinations in the republic, even on par with renowned destinations such as Acapulco.

He stressed that air connectivity was a prominent factor for the development of the region at that time, with numerous flights that linked with the United States and Canada.

In that context, Mazatlán was one of the most frequented destinations by international flights, after the airport of Mexico City, this with the presence of Mexicana de Aviación.

However, over time, several of these flights were canceled, which represents a current challenge for Mazatlán.

Gámez Valle, emphasized the need to work and knock on doors to recover these air routes and revitalize the air connectivity of Mazatlán, thus opening new opportunities for international tourism and strengthening the position of the port as a first-class tourist destination.

Source: Sinaloa en Linea