They locate a couple from Monterrey who disappeared after traveling to Mazatlán


Lizbeth Carolina and Marcos Alberto were found in apparent good health.

Lizbeth Carolina García Aguilar and Marcos Alberto Rodríguez García, a couple from Monterrey, were located after being reported missing when they lost contact with them after traveling to Mazatlán.

According to their statement to the authorities, they said that during their absence they were not victims of any crime.

The families of both reported the disappearance of the young people after losing contact with them since last Sunday when they returned from a trip.

Even since yesterday, the Attorney General’s Office of Sinaloa had received a request to coordinate work with the authorities of Nuevo León to locate the young people who were finally located in the house of one of them.

How did the couple disappear?

In an interview for MILENIO, Norma García, sister of the young woman who was reported as missing, mentioned that the couple from Monterrey went on a trip with a group of friends to Mazatlán, however, since 05:00 hours on Saturday, February 24, they lost contact with her.

Although they refer that Marcos Alberto communicated with Lizbeth’s family on Sunday by message, but he only limited himself to telling them that they were on their way to Nuevo León and “they were fine”, besides that he no longer had a battery, so they later lost contact with them.

Her sister added that Lizbeth’s phone was turned off, which is why the messages did not reach her, which alarmed the family.

It was not until this Thursday, February 29, that both were reported as located in the home of one of them.

Source: Milenio