Tourist services will be in the sights of the Port Captaincy


Port Captaincy will launch a verification and surveillance operation of tourist services in view of the upcoming Easter holidays

MAZATLÁN.- With the next holiday season about to arrive for Easter, the Port Captaincy of Mazatlán announced the implementation of a comprehensive review program for maritime tourist service providers throughout the port, with the aim of ensuring that everything is in order.

Captain Luis Antonio Barreiro Varela, head of the agency, highlighted that last year they carried out a verification of all the boats that offer tourist services of tours through the bays, as well as those that promote extreme sports, such as parachute rides.

Barreiro Varela explained that the objective is to ensure that the parachutes are in perfect condition, as well as to verify the straps and hooks. He also mentioned that last year some recommendations were issued to tourist service providers, without reaching sanctions.

“We will carry out an operation like last year to verify the status of all the parachutes, supported by the expert personnel of the Marine Infantry. Parachuting experts supported me and we checked the parachutes one by one, we will also do it on this occasion before the Easter season begins.”

On the other hand, he stressed that in the catamarans that regularly make tours through the bay, it is supervised that they do not exceed the authorized number of people on board, at the same time that compliance with security measures is verified. He underlined that civil personnel will be in charge of carrying out these verifications.

Shrimp ban

Regarding the shrimp ban, scheduled for March 20, Barreiro Varela emphasized that the boats must take the necessary measures to return to port. In this way, once the ban comes into force, they will already be moored, thus avoiding possible sanctions for fishing during the ban.

He added that, despite the flow of entry and exit, no boats have been registered that have fished during this season, although he noticed a decrease in the number of productive boats in this 2023-2024 season.

Source: Punto