Beach steps in Mazatlán continue to be built in Cerritos


They are being carried out to improve access to the beach, due to the damage they had been for years.

The construction of the first three access points to the beach that is located in the Cerritos area, in Mazatlán, is already taking shape.

The lifting of these works occurs almost 10 months after the previous concrete entrances that lead to the referred bathing areas were demolished.

In a tour made by EL DEBATE, it was verified that there is a considerable progress of construction in each of the accesses. Personnel from the construction company that is in charge of the three works assured that the work is on time and in shape.

Without specifying a percentage of progress, they indicated that they already have the space that will house the bathrooms, as well as the stone structure of each access.

They mentioned that the details are minimal for the first three entrances to the Cerritos beach to be ready, which will give a better face to the walkers.

To the accesses, they acknowledged that they lack a concrete slab, as well as a ramp of the same material, in addition to the detailing of the urinals

Delayed work

Construction workers who work in one of the three accesses recognized that the works should have concluded in the first days of the second half of December of last year.

They said that the development of the construction work had been delayed apparently due to the lack of payments, so it was starting this year when they were reactivated.

The staff of the work, mainly bricklayers, recognized that these could be completed as soon as possible as long as there are no delays like those recorded in the middle of last year.

At the time, Mayor Édgar González Zataráin announced that the construction of the three access points to the Cerritos beach had a cost of 10 million pesos, which corresponds to an exclusive item for that work. For the construction, the Municipality had to carry out a procedure before the Semarnat.

Source: Debate