The pros and cons of the accelerated growth of the city, according to engineers 


MAZATLAN. – Without a doubt, the real estate boom has brought economic benefits to Mazatlán, but also a series of inconveniences that not everyone can perceive with the naked eye, said Salvador García Salazar, civil engineer and member of the College of Civil Engineers of Mazatlán A.C. 

He explained that one of the problems generated by the growth of construction in the port has been the infrastructure of public services, such as water, drainage and electricity, which have experienced an over-demand due to new construction and ongoing works. This has led to the collapse of these services, leaving the rest of the city with inadequacies. 

     “The real estate boom has brought economic benefits to Mazatlán, that is true, but it has also caused problems in the water, drainage and light infrastructure. Before there were no problems, but now we have experienced many blackouts due to the need to provide services to all the buildings, and the existing infrastructure is not prepared for this,” declared Salvador García. 

He affirmed that there is little coordination between municipal and federal agencies, especially in the case of electricity, which prevents offering an optimal service that meets the current needs of the city of Mazatlán and its large projects. 

The engineer highlighted that another factor that has contributed to the growth of this problem is poor planning of the port, which is influenced by the interests of a few landowners whose projects do not conform to orderly growth in the city. 

An example that he put on the table for his analysis is the lack of roads that expedite traffic to the Marina Zone. The avenues in that direction do not have a route that really relieves congestion during peak hours, which causes a collapse in the entry and exit times of schools and workplaces. 

García Salazar stressed that the excessive construction of residential developments or subdivisions in the port also contributes to the circulation problem, since these residential points interfere with important roads, forcing people to travel long distances. Therefore, it is necessary to address this issue and regulate it as soon as possible. 

Finally, he called on the authorities to pay more attention to traffic and mobility problems, and work to improve the city. 

 Source: Punto