The automotive boom arrives at the MLC, receives its first shipment of trolleybuses


Víctor Humarán Castellanos, director of the MLC, mentioned that the logistics park adapted around 6,000 square meters to protect about 34 trolleybuses from China, which paves the way to receive more

MAZATLAN. – The Mazatlan Logistics Center received its first shipment, it is the receipt of approximately 35 trolleybuses from China, in a space of 6 thousand square meters.
The director of the MLC, Víctor Humarán Castellanos, mentioned that as a logistics park the intention is to be a “dry port” and help the dynamism of the National Port System Administration so that more vehicles take them into account for protection.
“The intention is to make it known that we as MLC have already received our first load, we are already having movement in our first load officially moving, which has to do with the automotive sector and coincidentally it is the sector that is booming in Mazatlán, we managed to capture part of that market”, he declared.
These trolleybuses arrived between last week and this week, on a ship from the Asian country, drawing the attention of Mazatlecos due to their design, especially since they are electric trolleybuses. According to Asipona, some of these go to San Luis Potosí and others to Mexico City.
Humarán Castellanos pointed out that the idea with this news is that other suppliers, ship owners and logistics operators take into account the MLC for the protection, especially of vehicles that are the ones that arrive the most to Mazatlán by sea.
“We want to continue drawing the attention of other ship owners or other brands so that, now that they are arriving at the port, we can go out and say that we have spaces for cars, like trolleybuses and that the MLC is the dry port of the port of Mazatlán”, he said.
The director of the MLC added that this is only the beginning of what could work for this sector that every week achieves hundreds of vehicles arriving in Mazatlan and that generates a greater projection of capacity for the seaport.
He added that, like this trolleybus company, they will seek synergy with other automotive companies and thus gradually gain popularity in the sector.
Source: Punto