Mazatlán City Council will have to do the corresponding procedures to avoid “mega” lawsuits


The City Council will have to do the same through the Department of Internal Affairs, which belongs to the Ministry of Public Security, and make the corresponding complaints right there and from there they will be passed on to the Honor and Justice Commission of the municipality itself so that it can be judged to the police, announced the lawyer Juliuz Juárez Bonilla, regional vice president in the southern part of the state of the Federation of Bars, Colleges and Bar Associations of Sinaloa.

Likewise, Juárez Bonilla announced that if the sentence is unfavorable for the police officer, he would have to be fired, and there would no longer be million-pesos lawsuits because there is justification for the police element to leave before the bad acts committed.

This would also apply to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, since if there is any person or merchant affected, they must present themselves to file the corresponding complaint so that a criminal case can be filed against the police officer and an investigation file can be initiated.

This would generate the possibility of being in jail and on the side of Internal Affairs so that he stops providing his services in the corporation.

In the case of the City Council, if they are aware of illegal acts carried out by the police, they themselves would have to file the corresponding complaint with Internal Affairs and administrative follow-up and the bad element be removed, said Juárez Bonilla.

With respect to the statements given by the municipal president, Édgar Augusto González Zataráin, regarding the fact that you cannot arrive and unsubscribe just like that and without proof in an administrative procedure, since the affected person can sue, and they can win the matter and generate a million-pesos demand for the municipality.

Both legal procedures would have to be carried out to be able to terminate the job definitively and avoid million-pesos lawsuits by the police, who in many cases have to be paid compensation, lost wages and even have to be reinstated in their position.

Source: Debate