Due to failures in purification, Badiraguato and El Fuerte plants are suspended: Coepriss


The head of this agency in Sinaloa clarified that there is no health alert to prevent the supply

Los Mochis, Sin.- Coepriss maintains provisional suspension in two water treatment plants in the state; one in Badiraguato and another in El Fuerte, this due to deficiencies in the purification process, reported the head of the State Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risks in Sinaloa, Randy Ross Álvarez.

The official is commenting that there are no elements to issue a health alert as they did a few weeks ago in the municipality of Choix, but the operation was partially suspended, and time is given to the Water Boards to correct the inconsistencies in the purification process.

He explained that the irregularity is in the chlorination and other aspects established by regulation 127 of the Ministry of Health and Public Health.

“On the issue of water quality, we are being very vigilant in all the municipalities, you know that we have two suspended plants in the state, really right now we are pointing out the deficiencies we have in Badiraguato and San Blas, El Fuerte,” he said.

Ross Álvarez explained that the recommendation to the citizens of the entire entity is to use bottled water because although the chlorination process is generally followed correctly, the water passes through pipes that are quite old, and to this is added that many families don’t clean the water tanks regularly.

Likewise, he highlighted that Coepriss has specialized personnel who daily monitor water in all municipalities and the Governor Rubén Rocha Moya’s indication is to pay close attention to this first-rate service that the population receives in order to act promptly in the event that there are health risks.

He affirmed that in Choix the emergency has already been overcome and when the quality of the water was guaranteed, the alert that was in place due to the presence of a microalgae that caused a bad odor and color in the vital liquid was eliminated.

Finally, he mentioned that the municipalities with the best chlorination process are Ahome, Guasave, Culiacán and Mazatlán.

Source: Linea Directa