To take care of Mazatlán, after closing the pool in a prestigious hotel due to concentration of fecal matter


The municipal authorities called on businessmen to take extreme precautions from now on.

Mazatlán, Sin.- To take care of every detail in their areas to be able to go to a higher quality tourism, called the mayor, Édgar González Zatarain, after closing the pool of a prestigious hotel in Cerritos this Easter weekend in Mazatlán due to concentration of fecal matter.

Interviewed by Los Noticieristas after a guest at the Pueblo Bonito Elmerald Bay hotel highlighted the situation by uploading a video to Tik Tok, the mayor acknowledged that sometimes there are oversights even in serious lodging centers, but that should not happen, because It has an impact on the image of a tourist destination that cannot make accommodation more expensive, but rather provides a better service.

“Well, be more careful, more careful, especially hotels that are more serious like this one, obviously because they are careless and that impacts the image of the port due to the service, which we were talking about a while ago. You have to seek to improve the service and then, obviously if you provide a better service, you can increase prices, but if not, you can’t. The truth is that you have to sell something better and that type of event should not happen. Call for them to be more careful in this regard. Not only from this hotel, but all of them”

In contrast, González Zatarain said that the beaches of Mazatlán have a water quality suitable for bathers, unlike other destinations in the country, which is positive, since the beaches are one of its greatest attractions.

“They are of good quality, they are certified. COEPRIS has declared it, it has just declared it precisely and I think that this is good. We are going in a good way with this topic. We are going to take much more care of that issue, the issue of the beaches”

He indicated that as a local authority he will always be willing together with his team to work with the sectors that benefit from tourist activity to offer an increasingly better Mazatlan to visitors.

Source: Los Noticieristas