This will be the Sinaloa tourist train: When will it be open?


Grupo México will be the company that manages this project, which runs the Chepe Express

MAZATLAN. – The passenger train that will run along the entire coast of Sinaloa, from south to north, is a fact and could be ready by the end of 2023, Governor Rubén Rocha Moya reported.

This, after he officially announced the project during the inauguration of the Tianguis Turístico 2023 that takes place in Mexico City.

According to new details provided by Rocha Moya, the train will have two departures a week, five carriages and two locomotives.

“The stations have to be conditioned, small vehicles will be placed there in the stations… to take them to the towns and places that tourists wish to visit… That will basically be what is done on the road, they have thought that by December will be ready,” he declared.

Rocha Moya pointed out that it will be the same company of the Tren Chepe, Grupo México, that will direct the project and the investment, however, it will be through the state authority that they hold meetings with Ferromex, for logistics, schedules, routes, and maintenance issues of the tracks.

“They are going to condition to provide this type of service, which will not be all at once, but they will be expanded… they ask us to accompany Ferromex, they would rent and they would be programming two days a week that do not interfere with the train runs “, he explained.

The idea is to have multiple stations in municipalities close to the road, from there, vehicles will be available that will take you to places far from them, a station, for example, in Elota, so that you can go to Las Labradas or Cosalá.

In addition, he said, they have to accommodate the routes and schedules according to the circulation schedule of the freight train, so that, to begin with, the route only leaves twice a week, at established times.