How much does it cost to travel by taxi from Mazatlán Airport?


To travel from the international airport of Mazatlán to the city has a cost of $430.00 to $620.00 pesos depending on the area to which one is going. This is in a car that can fit from 1 to 4 passengers.

There is also a Shuttle or collective taxi that costs per person from $160.00 to $280.00 pesos depending on the area, this service is slower and depends on the number of passengers.

Can I request Uber from Mazatlán Airport

From the moment you get off the plane until you leave, you will find signs that prohibit access to the airport for transport by applications such as UBER or Didi. So, if they appear available to you, they can cancel the trip for not being able to enter the airport.

The green and red taxis in the city can take you to the airport, and if you schedule your return with the airport taxis, they give you a better rate.

Other options to reach your destination from the airport

Before arriving in Mazatlán you can book a private van or vehicle to pick you up at the airport to get to your hotel. Some hotels offer this service for free with prior reservation (Hotel Playa Mazatlán and Hotel RIU are some that offer it)

There are also private companies that offer you this service in Van and buses and it costs you a little cheaper than paying for the Shuttle individually if many people travel.

Source: Mazatleco