Closed! Municipality detects 100 works without construction permits


El Cid and Alameda are the areas with the most recurrent cases of works without a construction permit

MAZATLAN. – For not having construction permits, more than 100 works have been closed in Mazatlán, as reported by the mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin.

He explained that the closed works come from past administrations, and from some businessmen, some of these constructions even belong to businessmen who donated lamps for the public lighting conversion program in Mazatlan.

“With everything and sorrow, there was a person who donated lamps to us and we had to close two of his constructions,” he said.

He invited the owners of these works to get up to date with the permit procedures and the payment of a fine so that they continue, otherwise the construction work will continue to stop.

The municipal official pointed out that it is not ruled out that the city council is presented with protection since many owners of works manage to protect themselves after the construction is closed. When an amparo is filed, the authorities would have to give in, since there is a judicial order, to ignore it would be the municipality itself that would be affected.

In El Cid there are 37 closed works, some of them already in the final stage and others on which they had been working for months. Another area where these cases have been detected is in Alameda.

Although the amount charged per fine was not specified, the mayor stressed that they are strong sanctions and that some owners have already gone to the town hall to regularize themselves.