These are the challenges that Mazatlán has in the face with the real estate ‘boom’


The president of Tourist Real Estate Developers, José Carlos Palacios Jáuregui, reported that the city of Tijuana has aroused a lot of interest in Mazatlán in terms of investment

MAZATLAN. – The “Pearl of the Pacific” is experiencing its best real estate, industrial and tourist moment, but the biggest challenge it has is working on the drainage system to prevent a collapse due to the growth, as the president of Tourist Real Estate Developers considers it.

He mentioned that for this real estate boom, authorities and organizations must coordinate follow-up to these problems, think about infrastructure, roads, public services and green spaces.

“The strong problem that we have in Mazatlán is called drainage, if we do not solve the drainage issue it will collapse, it is one of the points that we are working with the city council to see how we can support them. It hasn’t collapsed yet, but we can’t wait for it to pass,” he stated.

Palacios Jáuregui pointed out that around 18 tourism projects are being developed in Mazatlán, especially condo-hotels in areas such as La Marina, the Malecón and Cerritos. If what we want is to continue growing as a destination, we must continue to be coordinated between all.

He added that Mazatlán is echoing in cities that they did not imagine such as Tijuana, Baja California, which is investing heavily in condominiums, as well as Guadalajara, Jalisco, a city that they did not have on their radar due to its proximity to Puerto Vallarta.

“It has been like a kind of tsunami, we started growing with Durango, we went to the La Laguna area and we are already covering the border, but also places that we did not think about because they had beaches like Vallarta nearby, but Guadalajara is very interested in Mazatlán”

The president of ADIM added that, up to now, the price of condominiums has been maintained, but they are still making adjustments due to the fact that construction materials have constant ups and downs in their prices.