Tourist begins to arrive a few days after the start of the Mazatlan Carnival 2023


The Golden Zone looked very crowded during the afternoon today, several tourists assure that they arrived at the port in order to reach a place during the Mazatlán International Carnival 2023.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Dozens of tourists crowded the Golden Zone in Mazatlán while they walked to meet, take the transportation or enter the beach, some even already looked prepared for the Carnival, as they comment that most of them arrived this weekend to not have a problem with lodging or some details prior to the big party in the port.

“We didn’t want anything to get complicated, we reserved a house near the boardwalk, because supposedly the parade passes through there, so we prepared ourselves well, we loved the house and now we are being more fascinated by walking through the golden zone as they say here, there are many things, from restaurants to places for souvenirs, are beautiful,” said Maya Espinoza, who is visiting Mazatlán from Querétaro.

A group of tourists who came from Zacatecas, announced that apart from the Carnival, they wanted to come and get on the traditional parachute trip, since they had seen this attraction on social networks for a long time and now they wanted to try it during their stay in port.

“Apart from wanting to come to the carnival, we really liked the ride that we saw on the Internet, we saw a video in which someone got on the parachute and walked them through the sea, we want to try it or at least I want to, it looks very cool the Truthfully, I can imagine the adrenaline you must feel being at that height,” said Hibran Valerio, a tourist from Zacatecas, between laughs.

Marveling at the boardwalk figures

A tourist who was touring the Golden Zone, said that they had previously taken a tour of the boardwalk, and were fascinated by the puppets that are on Avenida del Mar and Paseo Claussen.

“They are very cool, if they get creative, many don’t like them, but I imagine it’s something more abstract, I liked them a lot, I was delighted with those stick figures, they are big and beautiful, while I was there I took a picture and I even made a video of it, I’m going to show it off with my friends once in the networks and coming back live,” said Luna Cañizales, a visitor from Toluca.


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