Rescue bodies prepare at 100% before Carnival and Easter


With great success, they carry out multiple simulations in the Mazatlán beach area as part of the preparations for Carnival and Easter

MAZATLÁN.- With the task of being prepared for any emergency on the beaches of Mazatlán, the state Civil Protection unit, in coordination with the Municipal PC and the Aquatic Police, carried out a multiple rescue practices in front of Avenida del Mar, on the beaches where is the Monument to the Fisherman.

Aurelio Roy Navarrete Cuevas, director of Civil Protection in Sinaloa, announced that, from November, attention at sea throughout the state is increasing, mainly in Mazatlán, due to the high demand of visitors who arrive at the city.

He expressed that with this practice all the staff are prepared to attend the needs during Carnival and Easter, which are already just around the corner.

“We know well that we have the commitment, that Carnival is coming and also Holy Week, and the idea of this type of exercises are essential to continue strengthening the capacities of the institutions,” Navarrete Cuevas emphasized.

The state official said that this type of exercise strengthens the capacity of the elements that act in case of emergency; and he described this type of multiple rescues as effective, with a great response time on the part of the participants.

He highlighted that, during Carnival, the number of people who gather in the city rises and enter the radar of state and municipal Civil Protection, as well as the authorities that get involved.

He added that the necessary elements and vehicles will be available so that all together, could obtain the results expected by the authorities, with a white balance during the carnival and Easter.