Politically and “Morally” Benítez Torres must resign from the government of Rocha Moya, Deputies Agree


The “morenas” deputies Verónica Batiz and Alma Garzón, on a working tour in Mazatlán, agreed that politically, but above all “morally” in order not to continue affecting the government of Rubén Rocha Moya and the principles of the Fourth Transformation, the former Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres should resign as Secretary of Tourism.

Alma Garzón, after also qualifying that Benítez “has no dignity”, added that she is very far from the former mayor because during his almost four years of government in Mazatlán, he stopped all the efforts made for the benefit of people in great need and solving their problems, from housing to municipal public services. “Things were resolved more in the Sinaloa state government than here,” said the battle-hardened legislator.

Deputy Batiz said she agreed that “morally” Benítez Torres should leave the post in State Tourism Secretary because he harms the smooth running of the government; he is not a good image for tourism, for a politician of this nature.

Batiz was the first Senior Officer of the three-year period completed by the chemist Benítez, but she left before the end of the administration for not accepting various irregularities.

Source: Sinaloa en Linea