Who are the Bolsheviks and what relationship do they have with Carnival?


The Bolsheviks are a select and secret group of people who are in charge of choosing the character, thing, or concept that will go up in flames on Bad Humor Saturday.

MAZATLAN. – Who are the Bolsheviks? Surely you have heard a thousand and one times talk about the “Bolshevik Committee”, the group that is in charge of choosing the character that will be burned in the traditional “Burning of bad humor” during the Mazatlan International Carnival. But have you ever wondered who they are or why they have that name? 

As you well know at Punto MX we love history and if it is about our beautiful port we love it more, so here is the anecdote for you.

Enrique Vega Ayala, official chronicler of Mazatlán, explained that in world history, originally, the Bolsheviks were a faction within the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party, in 1903, led from the beginning by Vladimir Ilich Ulyanov, also known as Vladimir Lenin. This group was opposed to the Mensheviks, led by Yuli Martov.  

These fought for the need to build a party so that the proletariat, in alliance with the oppressed classes, would have political power in Russia, now they were the just fighting for a noble cause. 

For the 1904 Carnival edition, it was proposed to cremate a figure that represented the evils experienced a previous year, prior to the first carnival parade and it was there that this group embraced the name and began to burn certain characters in history who have done something that will affect society. This, as a way of doing something good for the citizens who were dissatisfied.  

The original name was a parody of Russian. They called themselves “Bolsheviks” in the first years that the burning began. Then the “i” was lost and it began to be repeated or pronounced like the original Russian word, which was “Bolsheviks.” Over the years this group has kept its name becoming one more tradition of the port and Carnival.

Who will they burn this year? 

The Institute of Culture, Tourism and Art of Mazatlán did not rule out that it is the former mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, who burns in the traditional event, said Raúl Rico González, head of the paramunicipal.  

He explained that it will be precisely the Bolsheviks who make the decision and even the citizens themselves can participate by proposing the character that will go up in flames on Carnival Saturday. 

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