Mazatlán beaches are ready and clean to receive bathers in Carnival


The Beach Operator and Administration unit in the port invites locals and visitors to keep the port beaches clean.

MAZATLÁN.- Less than 20 days after the Mazatlán International Carnival 2023 takes place, the beaches of the port are clean and in good condition to receive tourism.

The Operator and Administrator of Beaches in the City is getting ready for this great event that receives a large number of visitors, which is why they continue to attend every day with cleaning by the assistants of this paramunicipal. 

The head of the agency, Luis Fernando Ortiz Genis, mentioned that during 2022 an average of 20 tons of garbage was collected, and now through awareness it is intended to reduce the amount of waste collected daily, among which the presence of plastic, glass, Styrofoam and cigarette butts, among other waste. 

“First we are going to have Carnival, there is a large influx of tourism and, well, a lot of garbage is generated, now the boys (auxiliaries) already know, a large part of their work, in addition to garbage collection, is the issue of awareness, of to be inviting people to keep the beaches clean,” said Ortiz Genis.  

The official announced that every day, starting at 06:00, the auxiliaries are distributed around the beach areas and begin with the cleaning, but at the same time an awareness campaign is carried out among the people who arrive at the beach. , inviting them to pick up their rubbish when they retire and although many heed the recommendation, others do not. 

The cleaning of the beach area has been extended to other areas within the municipality that were previously attended to very little, but that have a large number of bathers such as; Playa Brujas, Punta Cerritos and Playa el Delfín, all with the support of assistants, people from schools and company workers. 

“We are taking care of the beaches all week, trying to cover more and more beaches, because this happens every day, it could even be clean right now, and if you come tomorrow, you will believe that nobody cleaned it,” he stressed. 

He added that the Avenida del Mar area, from the Monument to Sea Lions to the Monument to the Fisherman, is the most controversial part, due to the shape of the coast. Also Playa Norte, where the sea naturally drags garbage, so it is important that you deposit the waste in the garbage containers.


The Mazatlan Post