Community police will join the ‘Blue Line’


More contact elements will be integrated to provide information to the tourist on the Historic Center route

MAZATLAN. – With the aim of improving the attention and experience of cruise passengers, municipal authorities carried out a supervision tour on the ‘Blue Line’ or, in Spanish, ‘Línea Azul’.

This is located at the exit of the Mazatlán tourist pier and is a route that takes people who have recently disembarked from the cruise ships to the Historic Center, one of the most beautiful areas of Mazatlán.

Mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin expressed that one of the strategies will be to exchange the armed police for more friendly proximity elements that provide attention, contact and resolve doubts to the tourist. As well as integrating special Capta groups that speak one hundred percent English.

“That was the purpose, to come and see from the moment the tourist gets off to where they travel inside the API to the route they take along the Blue Line to see what improvements we could make. It is already confirmed that the police group is going to be helping and that is going to generate more security for tourists, because having armed security here does not generate security.”

Currently there are two service modules, but two more will be placed to fully cover the route of the Blue Line until it reaches the Historic Center.

Other actions that they will take will be to improve traffic in the area of the Mazatlan tourist pier, the municipal president pointed out that they will change the Blue Line, specifically in that area to give tourists space when crossing the street, since sometimes the cars stop very close to it and that causes the visitors to be scared.

“We are going to reinforce the port area with transit because the cars pass very close and sometimes the tourists get scared, what we will do is remove the line and move it perhaps to leave a margin of space.”