Do you know the oldest temples in Mazatlan? We tell you about them


The San José temple was the first of many temples that the city of Mazatlán has today.

MAZATLÁN.- Have you ever wondered which are the oldest Catholic temples in the port of Mazatlán or in what years these religious places that have marked a before and after in the city began to take shape? Undoubtedly, more than one has an anecdote to tell.

The father and chancellor in the Diocese of Mazatlán, Jaime Aguilar Martínez, commented on the first steps of the oldest temples in the city and the importance they took on over the time, by helping the needs that arose in those years and today in the port, which are part of its rich history.

“Here in Mazatlán, we will first talk about San José, which was a simple chapel because the population was very small, that is why it is the oldest, then the Cathedral in 1871 would arrive,” he said.

San Jose Temple

When speaking specifically of the city of Mazatlán, he mentioned in the first place the temple of San José, located on Campana street, corner with José María Canizález, by the Nevería hill, which dates back in 1831, and it was inaugurated in 1842; this building still maintains its original style, the Franciscan type of those times.

The temple continues to date without losing its beautiful features and original designs, on its wall there are two large niches where impressive images of the dead Christ rest, another one on the cross, next to the Virgin Mary.

Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception

In all the ancient cities of the country, the cathedrals are considered the most important building in the place, since it represents not only ecclesiastical power, but also a large part of the traditions revolve around them. The Cathedral of Mazatlán dates from the year 1871, on November 15 of that year it was erected as a parish.

It is important to know that the temple began its construction in 1857.

The chancellor in the Diocese of Mazatlán pointed out that, at first instance, it was not thought that it would be a Cathedral but a parish church.

Christ the King Temple

The third church is Cristo Rey, which is located on Cañonero Tampico and Germán Evers streets, which has almost the same dimensions as the Cathedral; In 1960 it was called as a parish. This is because the Diocese had to be made first.

This appointment would arrive on November 22, 1958, but it was until February 22, 1958 when ir received the calling and the following year the appointment of Christ the King would arrive.

San Felipe de Jesus Temple

The San Felipe de Jesús parish is in the López Mateos neighborhood, it is the fourth temple in the city, which opened its doors in the city on September 23, 1966.

Other parishes

The fifth parish is the San Pedro Apóstol, on April 13th street and third street, in the Venustiano Carranza neighborhood, inaugurated on March 19, 1968; Three years later, in 1971, the Parroquia del Espíritu would arrive, located in the Díaz Ordaz neighborhood, between Pino and Sauce streets, in Urías.