Mazatlán has a real estate boom for several years: AMPI Mazatlán


The president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals in Mazatlán, Ismael Tirado, reported that there are between 120 to 130 projects being developed in the port, including homes, tourism, and shopping malls.

MAZATLAN. – For the president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals in Mazatlan, Ismael Tirado, the port still has a real estate boom for several more years, not only in tourism but also in housing for locals.

Although, he explained, real estate growth in the tourist zone is more noticeable, he mentioned that there are between 120 and 130 projects throughout Mazatlán, including tourism, housing and shopping malls.

“The growth in land values has pushed home values, but the most interesting thing is that the demand of the new generations is also covered. The residential market has not stopped, we see the tourist market more because it is the one that is seen with the greatest strength, but it is still there. Project that is coming out, it is being sold,” he declared.

Ismael Tirado pointed out that both the real estate market and the authorities must work to aim not only at the new generations, but also at the working class who are looking for decent, safe and comfortable housing, at good prices, especially for middle-class, middle-low -class and social interest.

But, without a doubt, the logistical and industrial growth that is coming to Mazatlán is what has pushed the growth of the northern zone to become more noticeable, why? Because the projects aimed at this sector are there, from Mazatlán to San Ignacio.

“They are going to give growth in Mazatlán that will be a bridge to the north of the country and the United States, it will bring more investment, the north zone, the new Mazatlán to Labradas is going to detonate a lot, Mazatlán has a boom left in real estate for several years,” he said. The president of AMPI in Mazatlán added that this echo of growth in Mazatlán has already reached the ears of other nearby investors, especially from the northern economic corridor area, but also from Jalisco, who are looking for or have already entered to invest in the town.