A former governor of Sinaloa is proven to have 4.5 million US dollars in a bank account in Andorra


According to the newspaper El País, PRI member Juan Millán had a private bank account between 2007 and 2018 in which he accumulated 2.8 million
The former governor of Sinaloa, Juan Millán Lizárraga, hid a fortune of 4.5 million dollars. Photo: Pixabay

The former governor of Sinaloa, Juan Sigfrido Millán Lizárraga, who belongs to the PRI, hid at least 4.5 million dollars in private banking in Andorra, according to information shared by El País.

Said media, who had access to information, found that between 2007 and 2018 the PRI member managed a Banca Privada d’ Andorra (BPA) in which he accumulated 2.8 million and a deposit of 1.7 securities.

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According to this same information, Millán was the owner of both financial products through a numbered deposit —a system that shields the identity of the client— with his brother Enrique de él.

El País reported that the highest income that the former senator also obtained was 2.6 million in 2008. The above was due to a transfer from a numbered account ordered by another of the clients of the financial institution, also PRI member Óscar Javier Lara Aréchiga.

Lara Aréchiga, who served as a PRI deputy in Sinaloa between 2009 and 2012, appeared in seven BPA accounts along with his wife, Beatriz del Carmen Teresita Esquer de Lara, and his brother José Luis. Deposits moved 51 million, as revealed by this newspaper.
Movements of the Millán account in Andorra

In June 2007, Millán collected $240,000 from the Mexican exchange house B y B in his BPA account. An October 2018 report from the Andorran Financial Intelligence Unit (Uifand) indicates that the former Sinaloa governor did not provide the bank with the documentation to prove the origin of this amount.

In August 2008, he collected $396,000 from the gas station businessman Tomás Rendón Fernández, who was also a representative of a BPA account opened in 2007 in the name of the company Servicios Sinaloenses SA de CV, an account that received income of up to $823,644. Dollars.

On the other hand, the account of Millán and his brother is identified as the guarantor of a loan that had a total of 3.4 million pending repayment in 2018 in favor of Desarrolladora Gos S de RL de CV, a firm linked to José Luis Lara Aréchiga, who was the brother of the deceased former PRI member.