Mazatlán wants to become ‘The tourist DESTINATION’ of 2023


The president of the Hotel Association, “3 Islands”, José Ramón Manguart, pointed out that they met with deputies such as Celia Jáuregui and Jesús Ibarra to rethink the grammatical senses within the recently reformed Lodging Tax Law

MAZATLAN. – With the recently approved Finance Law regarding Lodging Tax, the president of the “3 Islas” Hotel Association, pointed out that Mazatlan’s goal for 2023 is to compete with the country’s beach destinations, Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos and Cancun.

The reform to the Law was approved by the State Congress on December 15, which refers to the modifications of article 33 in the chapter called “Tax on the Provision of Lodging Services”.

This establishes, according to the bulletin of the Department of Social Communication of the Congress, that 90 percent of the income received by the state will be used to promote tourism promotion throughout the state, of which 60 percent will go to the municipality of where the collection is generated and 30 percent to the rest of the municipalities.

All through the Ministry of Tourism, with an Advisory Council that was created in the second semester of 2022 for that purpose.

But there is 10 percent left, where does it go? This will go to the Ministry of Administration and Finance for administrative expenses and tax collection.

“We are interested in the fact that Mazatlán is competing in a field where Vallarta is competing, where Cancun is competing, Los Cabos, where they all compete, not only nationally, but internationally, they bring resources well above those that Mazatlán has to promote” he declared.

The hotel president pointed out that they managed to meet with the local deputies Celia Jáuregui and Jesús Ibarra to make grammatical modifications to the reform of the Law, in such a way that the meaning of what it means to exercise the resource for the promotion is understood tourist not only of Mazatlán, but of all of Sinaloa.

Before the Law was approved, Manguart Sánchez, as president of one of the Mazatlán hotel associations, called the Tourism Commission of the State Congress, in order to put certain observations on this reform on the table.