Chihuahua tour operators qualify Mazatlan safe to visit


Gilberto Recharte, CEO of Creator Operadora, mentioned that among the benefits of inspection trips to Mazatlán are direct promotion from Chihuahua, especially in low seasons.

MAZATLAN. – For Chihuahua tour operators, Mazatlán is a safe place that should continue to be promoted and people should have confidence when traveling and visiting, said Gilberto Recharte, general director of Creator Operadora, a travel agency in that state.

More than 20 travel agents from Chihuahua arrived in Mazatlán last Sunday to tour the destination and rate the stay, safety and attractions, as well as the service of its inhabitants.

“They are visiting the hotel options that we have in Mazatlán, this group arrived on Sunday and they leave on Thursday, the presence of the travel agents is to inspect and confirm the great hospitality of Mazatlan to tourism and that Mazatlán continues and will continue to be safe to travel,” Recharte declared.

The Marketing Director of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlán, José Gámez Valle, pointed out that travel agents are verifying the tranquility of Mazatlán and that they, as a tourism sector, did not stand idly by in terms of the positive promotion.

Gilberto Recharte added that one of the benefits of the inspection of Chihuahuan travel agents in Mazatlán is the reinforcement of promotion in his state for Mazatlán, especially in low seasons.

“This group of agents will arrive (in Chihuahua) to promote the destination of Mazatlán right now for the off-season,” he said.

The reinforcement is coming with the corridor of El Fuerte and Creel

The Ministry of Tourism reported that there is a reinforcement of the tourist corridor of El Fuerte de Sinaloa and Creel in Chihuahua, municipalities recently recognized by the World Tourism Organization, as Best Tourist Towns of 2022, the only ones in Mexico.

The Secretary of Tourism of Sinaloa, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres and his counterpart from Chihuahua, Edibray Gómez Gallegos agreed to promote both destinations and agreed on the need to work together to promote this route, since both municipalities are perfectly articulated through the Chepe railway route, the only passenger train in the country.

In a meeting they had, they agreed to sign a collaboration agreement so that the teams of both Secretariats work together on promotional issues; improvement in the issue of air and land connectivity; training of tourist service providers, and establish strategic alliances with tour operators.