This is how the house where Ovidio Guzmán was arrested was left (video)


Traces of blood, active grenades, hundreds of casings and vehicles were left in the building where Ovidio Guzmán López was detained, located in the Jesús María union.
The house is located on a hill. It has a wooden gate that was shot.

The house has a garage for six vehicles. There were two Mercedes Benz trucks, a Razer and two ATVs.
Right outside is a Suburban and a Volkswagen. All the vehicles were fired upon.
In the courtyard there are traces of blood, an armored helmet and three grenades that did not explode covered with a yellow towel. The military told them not to touch them and that specialized personnel would go and remove them. In two neighboring houses there is a grenade in each.

On the site there is a house with a large palapa.
On the road that leads to the house, there are five armored trucks with rifle mounts and armored vehicles that were crossed to block the road.
Neighbors say that as soon as the operation began, they took Ovidio away, but the shooting lasted for about 12 hours.

“If they had already taken them, why the hell did they keep throwing them away,” says one of the neighbors.
From the helicopters, they say, they fired at the house and the surrounding houses.
The military withdrew from the place this afternoon and the place was left without security seals and with the doors open.

The military left the town when they allowed the entry of human rights personnel and journalists, but when they withdrew they re-entered the town.