Mazatlán, the Mexican Pacific destination most visited by cruise passengers 


The general director of the National Port System Administration, Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infazón, pointed out that this year, Mazatlán will receive at least 142 cruise ships, with high expectations that they will be more.

MAZATLAN. – Did you know that Mazatlán is the destination in the Mexican Pacific most visited by cruise passengers? The general director of the National Port System Administration, Mariel Aquileo Ancona Infazón, reported that, of the total number of people who travel aboard a ship, just over 70 percent go down, being an achievement for the destination.  

He mentioned that at least for this 2023, the destination will have the visit of at least 142 cruise ships, the same ones that arrived during 2022, however, this year the forecast is that all cruise ships come at 100 percent of their capacity, including crew members and passengers.  

 “I can tell you with great pride that Mazatlán is the place where tourists descend the most on their itinerary and route, here, as I have repeated, we have excellent coordination with the mayor, with the state government, the fact that the municipality help us with the way to help tourists and in case of loss take them to the terminal, “he declared.  

Ancona Infazón pointed out that the arrival of 150 cruise ships was scheduled for 2022, however, during the first quarter of last year there was a strong wave of Covid-19 cases that forced the ships to take shelter and suspend their journeys.  

How much is a cruise tourist spending? 

The general director of ASIPONA, said that, since his last registration, the cruise tourist maintains an average cost of approximately 100 dollars per person, that is, almost 2 thousand pesos per person, between tours, transportation, guides, restaurants and purchases.  

“The last time they said it was approximately 100 dollars each, it has increased and I think it is something that helps everyone, the taxi drivers, the guides, the restaurants, all because there is a lot of dispersion and what we have tried to to do is that we do not leave anyone in the terminal, those who want to stay well, stay, but those who go out to the city are free and that makes there a lot of tourists, “he said.

Currently, he added, cruise ships come at 100 percent of their capacity, from 2,000 to 3,500 people per ship, depending on the size, between crew and passengers, which means a greater opportunity for the destination for tourism to know and come back for more days.  

3 ships arrive in a single day 

The Ministry of Tourism reported that this Tuesday Mazatlán started 2023 well with the arrival of three ships, the Carnival Panorama with 4,774 passengers; the Discovery Princess with 3,475 passengers; and the Koningsdam with 2,577 passengers, giving a total of approximately 10,000 people, in addition to the crew that, between the three ships, range between 3,700.