Welcome to Mazatlan; Bus runs increase in the Central Bus Station


Tourists from Querétaro, Mexico City, Ciudad Juárez and Torreón, among other states of the Republic, arrive at the port to spend Christmas and New Year

Mazatlán, Sin.- Since last Friday, bus runs have increased by 25 percent at the Mazatlán Bus Station.

The manager of the terminal, Álvaro Peña, assured that there are currently between 200 and 230 daily runs, which is the projected number prior to the start of the December holidays in Mazatlán.

“Between 200 and 230 runs have arrived per day since Friday, the numbers we had projected are being met, and that is something positive, we were waiting for it, we are having a lot of work because of this, people arrive in the city every day” , he pointed.

He added that the tourists who have arrived at the port of Mazatlán by land come mostly from Querétaro, Mexico City, Ciudad Juárez and Torreón, among other states of the Republic.

“Usually, people who come from far away come by land, mostly those who come from Querétaro, Mexico City, Juárez, Torreón, they all come by land, or at least here with us, from those places it is mainly from where we are receiving tourists, or most of our runs”.

As every year on these dates, visitors take advantage of the December holidays to visit relatives who are in Mazatlán or simply to rest in a hotel.

“Every year people from abroad arrive to spend the December dates with families from here in Mazatlán, it is a custom, that is why we have more runs on these dates, or the same as those of summer.”

Usually, the bus operations in this station are 160 per day, but in the holiday season it increases a lot.

During the summer, the average number of users per day was 900, between departures and arrivals, even some days it reached 1,200.

Source: El Sol de Mazatlan