Santa Claus has been visiting la Isla de Piedra for 15 years


Every year, North Americans and Canadians come together to bring candies and groceries to the islanders, prior to Christmas.

MAZATLAN. – For 15 years, Isla de la Piedra has had its own Santa Claus, one with a red suit, white beard and even a sleigh, with which he travels the earthy streets of that ejido of Mazatlán.

The story begins like this, the project was started by a foreigner named Don Woods, who along with other friends, “the goblins”, distributed candies and groceries on la Isla de Piedra.

This noble action began as a game, because they always told him that he looked like Santa Claus and that is how he took advantage of that situation to bring joy during the holidays, he first did it in the United States, but when he moved to Mazatlán he resumed his character.

That is how they began to put together bags of candies and groceries to deliver them in the area. Why?

Don Woods wanted children who might not get many gifts at Christmas to at least have candy to enjoy.

But the nice thing is that they didn’t do the typical delivery, instead Don built a sled out of a trailer and a man named Oscar, originally from the Island, brought it to life with paint to make it look like a sleigh.

Thus began the adventure of Santa Claus on the Isla de la Piedra, where every year dozens of boys and girls wait to see him pass through the streets to run out to receive bags of candies.

Mr. Woods passed away on August 19, 2021, but Drew Stewart is now the one who is in charge of personifying Santa Claus and giving smiles to boys and girls.

Just like Wood, others of the people who started the project have also passed away, but that does not take away their spirit from continuing to share moments with the islanders.