In Mazatlán, the demand for urban transport service increases by 40%


The San Joaquín, Pradera Dorada and Flores Magón routes are the ones most used by Mazatlecos

The demand for the urban bus service in Mazatlán has grown by up to 40 percent during the last week, especially due to the number of people who have chosen to use this means of transportation to move from one place to another.

The Centro and Juárez neighborhoods have been the busiest, according to carriers.

“It has been very busy, in places where there are a lot of commercial areas such as the Centro or Juárez neighborhoods, people have been moving a lot, the trucks are sometimes saturated, not to mention the streets,” said Fermín, a driver of the route San Joaquín Juárez.

The president of the Mazatlan Bus Alliance, Faustino Mejía, pointed out that the demand they have had in the last 10 days has been increasing and that some drivers have chosen to take one or two more turns on their routes.

“Easily, it has been 30 or 40 percent, plus the demand we have in December compared to November, many drivers have taken more turns and the buses have even been saturated; people are going out, doing their shopping and other things,” explained.

As every year, the commercial areas of the Juárez neighborhood and the Center are very frequented by citizens to make their purchases during the Christmas season.

“People come to the commercial parts to do their shopping, before there was a certain time when the bus was full, but for the last 10 days it has been at all hours, every December the demand for our transport increases,” he said.

The most in demand

Among the routes that have had the most demand this month are San Joaquín, Pradera Dorada and Flores Magón.

“They are the routes that have the most overload, those buses go through several neighborhoods and end up in the Center and the vast majority go there, that’s why many take the Pradera Dorada, but that more than anything is because it goes to the Center and without passing through Juárez, it cuts them off a long way”.