Prohibiting tinted windows in vehicles will prevent arbitrariness and corruption: Inzunza


Culiacán, Sin.- To specify to all Police and Government agencies what type of tinting windows in vehicles is prohibited will avoid arbitrariness and corruption, asserted Enrique Inzunza Cázarez, who stressed that now the type of sanction to which that person will be entitled if does not comply with this guideline.

The Secretary General of the Government indicated that since not all municipalities had prohibited this measure, now it must be approved at the state level.

He mentioned that this action will give greater confidence to all citizens when driving on the street, since it will be possible to see who is inside the vehicle.

“The agreement was reached, that each municipality will promote a reform to its Police and Good Government Agencies to establish a concrete and precise kind of polarization and the intensity, if the requirements are not meet, it will be considered a fault and from there it can be deployed the action of the municipal authority,” he said.

Inzunza Cázarez stated that they will carry out an awareness and information campaign since not all families are aware that putting a high degree of polarization represents risks.

It should be remembered that in the last Ordinary Session of the Public Security Council it was agreed that the use of tinting greater than 20 degrees on windows, crystals and windshields of all vehicles in Sinaloa will be prohibited.

Source: Los Noticieristas