Mazatlán could have two ‘Motorcycle Weeks’ on the same date


It is looking for a greater offer of entertainment for bikers and locals

MAZATLAN. – It is not new that two important biker events a year take place in the port, on the one hand we have the Legendary Motorcycle Week, and on the other the International Motorcycle Week, what is new is that these two important parties are held in the same week.

Iván Roque, general secretary of the Moto Club, a group that organizes the Legendary Motorcycle Week, said that they are looking for these meetings to take place on the same date next year, to offer a greater diversity of entertainment to bikers, tourists and local.

If it came true, they would be in the same week, but in different venues, since he indicated that on many occasions the bikers are not entirely happy with the billboard of the event, but already having another offer of artists or shows they can choose between what they like best.


“In large cities, motorcycle events are divided into four groups and nothing happens, on the contrary, in this case the city would benefit, number one, because you can have 4 events and greater promotion in a single destination, and number two, with this greater offer for bikers, you will be able to keep them at their headquarters and not on the streets of Mazatlán, which is something that people leave a lot of because the roads fill up due to the lack of offer ”.

The Moto Club representative made it clear that this is not about rivalries between organizers or wanting to outshine someone, but that this is how it should work because there are established calendars for biker events nationwide.


“Definitely on the same dates, this is an important issue because there is a calendar of events at the national level where there are other events with the same characteristics as Motorcycle Week and if you move it, you affect other destinations”.

This was reported after a meeting they held with the mayor Édgar Augusto González Zataráin.

And the dates?

For its part, the International Motorcycle Week already has a date and will be from April 12 to 16, 2023, if agreements are reached, the Legendary Motorcycle Week would also take place on those days.