In Mazatlán we have our own Statue of Liberty. Know the story


It is in the plazuela de San Francisquito, a Mazatlan syndicate that is less than 30 minutes from the port

MAZATLÁN.- We all locate the Statue of Liberty in New York, United States, but did you know that we have ours in Mazatlán and that it is less than 30 minutes from the port? In San Francisquito. Here we tell you the story.

The origin

The statue, originally, was in the middle of Paseo Olas Altas, very close to where the Banco Nacional de México was; It was acquired in 1925, with the sole purpose of commemorating the freedom of Mexico, but particularly that of Sinaloa.

It was one of the iconic statues of Olas Altas, those who had to observe it appreciated it, just as we appreciate the Mazatlan Woman, the Venadito and even the monument to Pedro Infante.

According to the construction specifications, it is made of concrete “formed by Portland cement” and measures 6.40 meters high, it has a vitrified clay tube through which the electric current conductor wire passes from the seat level to the torch of the statue.

Separately, the statue is 2.5 meters high and if we do the math, it is 97 years old since its construction.

It was in 1934 when, due to a change in the boardwalk, the statue was no longer there and moved to Plazuela Miguel Hidalgo, popularly known as “Plazuela de los Leones”.

The statue underwent another unfortunate remodeling, now from the plazuela and was sent to the corner of Gabriel Leyva and Zaragoza streets, but a short time later, it was requested that it be removed due to the traffic it caused.

Where is it? Why did they change it? Well, at the end of 1949, under the mayor of Ramón Ponzo, he donated it to San Francisquito, a town that adopted it, calling it “the beautiful lady” and it has been there until today.

San Francisquito is located just 30 minutes from Mazatlán on the road to El Recodo. The statue is missing its right hand, which, according to the town’s history, was cut off by a man with a machete, when “drinking” confused it with an apparition and attacked it, then the hand was replaced by a torch.