Security will be reinforced at banks in Sinaloa before the robberies season starts.


Rubén Rocha Moya explained that the robberies happen because the bank employees themselves alert the criminals

Culiacán- In this time of holiday season and withdrawals for payment of bonuses, bank robberies increase, since the employees of the bank branches are the ones who alert criminals, revealed Rubén Rocha Moya, Governor of the State of Sinaloa.

During his weekly conference, the governor pointed out that most of these criminal acts occur because bank staff themselves alert the assailants.

Reason why the state authorities indicated that they would increase the number of police elements deployed in bank branches to reinforce security in the state, with the main objective of guaranteeing the safeties of large amounts of cash deposits in banks.

Today we just talk about it at the security meeting. First, we are going to multiply the number of agents from both the state and municipal police, the national guard, and the army itself, we have asked no weapons, particularly the national guard, therefore they can come closer when a citizen approach,” said the governor.

He specified that the elements of the Municipal, State Police, National Guard and the Army will be multiplied to guarantee and reinforce security in the facilities of bank branches, in the first square of the city.

Rocha Moya asserted that the elements of the National Guard will be in at bank branches that are in the center of the city of Culiacán to avoid assaults.

Source: El sol de Mazatlan