Donate a toy, and give a smile!


MAZATLAN. – Don’t hesitate and join the ‘A toy for smiles’ campaign. DIF Mazatlán, in coordination with Plaza Acaya, is looking for Three Wise Men to support them with the donation of a toy to make a little one happy.

As you well know, the December festivities are just about to be celebrated with gifts and lots of love, but unfortunately, not everyone can receive one, especially some little ones who live in neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city or who live in welfare houses like the DIF Mazatlan hostel.

María Teresa Apodaca Muñoz, president of DIF Mazatlán, expressed that it is an honor to start this campaign to achieve the goal of collecting 5,000 toys, but above all, make the little ones smile.

“Encourage us to help and bring that joy to children, we know that not everyone can do it due to economic circumstances, but we can do it. I think it is important that we instill in our children that value of supporting”.

Throughout December, 9 posadas will be held in rural communities and marginalized neighborhoods of the port such as El Vainillo, San Francisquito, El Habal, La Tuna, Paseo San Antonio and Armadillo – Miravalles.

But the big celebration will take place on December 5, in the parking lot of Plaza de Acaya, it will be a big celebration that will involve food, sweets, piñatas and jumps.

Do you want to be part?

You can take your donation both to Plaza Acaya and to the DIF Mazatlán offices from December 1 to January 4.

Present at the event were Ninfa Padrón Lizárraga, in charge of Marketing at Acaya, Juan Pablo Téllez, Pitcher of Los Venados and Armida Hernández, director of DIF Mazatlán.

The Mazatlan Post