Pots will be removed from Del Mar Avenue in Mazatlán


They also contemplate removing “mega stops” in the Golden Zone and other stops in different parts of the city.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The mayor of MazatlánEdgar González Zataráin, announced that he will remove the pots that are currently obstructing the returns on Del Mar avenue, but instead they will build more fittings and planters.

This as part of a project to improve the mobility of the city; However, not all returns will be restricted, only some, and for this a road study will be carried out and meetings will be held with merchants and businessmen to reach agreements.

The municipe added that the pots look ugly and are also easy to move; They are currently preparing the diagnosis to see the cost that this work would imply.

Goodbye to the mega bumpers of Zona Dorada?

This project also includes the buffers and elevated pedestrian crossings, specifically those on Camarón-Sábalo avenue in Zona Dorada .

In this regard, González Zataráin explained that the easiest thing is for the authority, applying the law, to arrive and remove the mega caps, but to avoid conflicts and that it be misinterpreted as a “revenge charge” for the friction that occurred with the president. of said business group when he was secretary of the City Council, they will first exhaust the path of dialogue, if they do not reach agreements then they will proceed through other instances.

To know

In July 2021, billboards were placed to cancel the returns on Del Mar Avenue, this to avoid congestion and road accidents, said the then mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres. Later they were replaced by pots, which are continually moved by motorists.

Transport leaders disagreed with this action, considering that it only hindered the flow of vehicles and made trips more extensive, since there was no price study that would determine that it was necessary to restrict these spaces.

In August, also in 2021, the Arhe group built four mega stops, two in each traffic lane, in front of one of its hotels on Camarón – Sábalo avenue.

The mega-tops were very controversial, because in addition to their great height they were built irregularly, there were no previous studies nor was permission requested in Planning, but there was the consent of the mayor.

They will remove speed bumps

The first mayor also added that in other parts of the city buffers will be removed, such as Carlos Canseco and Cerritos avenues; he mentioned that those in front of hospitals and schools will stay but well done.

He also reported that next week they will begin to paint zebra crossings at different crossings.

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