It’s time to live a new experience at the Sinaloa Beer Fest 2022


Beer Fest 2022 will take place next Saturday, November 19 in Culiacán; 22 craft beer producers will participate.

MAZATLÁN.- With the presence of 22 craft beer producers, the Asociación Sinaloense Cerveceros Artesanales, hand in hand with the Municipal Institute of Culture of Culiacán and the Secretariat of Economic Development, announced the realization of the second edition of the Sinaloa Beer Fest 2022, which will take place next Saturday, November 19, in the Sinaloan capital.  

The space will be dedicated to the tasting of the beer made 100 percent by state and regional producers; It will also feature regional gastronomy and live music, with the support of entrepreneurs. 

The event will be held at the Omi Café facilities, located next to Building 120.  

The main idea is to be able to provide a different and unique experience for everyone who attends the event, as announced by the organizer, Christian Noé Palazuelos Fel. 

Sinaloa Beer Fest 2022 was born out of a need, from independent beer exponents who are great exhibitors, people who want to start a new business, and it is precisely so that people get to know them and can taste all the beer they can make, because beer It is not only alcohol, it is not only a party, a linear drink, craft beer is a whole beer experience”, expressed Palazuelos Fel.

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He stressed that access to this space will be from 3:00 p.m. to 12:00 p.m., and those who purchase a ticket at a cost of 220 pesos will be able to attend, through the Super Tickets page; with the ticket, they will receive a collectible glass and the filling of the craft beer. 

It should be noted that the cost of the ticket to accessing the Beer Fest 2022 is 220 pesos, which can be purchased on the Superboletos page.

On the other hand, Carlos Alonso Ramírez Reyes, head of Culture in Culiacán, commented that the promotion of this type of festivals seeks to project a different image of the Sinaloan capital, in which family life is paid for.  

Roberto Valle Leal, director of Regulatory Improvement at Sedecom, explained that the Commune seeks to generate, in addition to a culture of coexistence, the economic benefit that allows growth for beer producers. 

During this event, there will be beers from the port such as Bichola, Tres Isla Barraza, among others.

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