Sinaloa Police University and Mazatlan City Council signed a collaboration agreement


The commitment is to recover the trust of the Sinaloa and Mazatlan society towards the preventive police and traffic elements.

With the objective of bringing knowledge to the elements of Public Security and improving the service, strengthening their will to transform the institutions, and guide their commitment to recovering the trust of the Sinaloa and Mazatlan society, the Sinaloa State Police University and the Mazatlan City Council signed a collaboration agreement.

Oscar Fidel González Mendívil, rector of UNIPOL, pointed out that this agreement is an effort to be a factor of change within the processes of police training.

“Joining efforts to improve police training means working together to have better police officers on the street and to provide better service to the communit , first to the Mazatlan community, ultimately to all of Sinaloa society, ” he said.

For his part, the Executive Secretary of the Public Security System, Ricardo Guillermo Jenny del Rincón, said that SESESP will be responsible for working on two fronts; on the topic of initial training for applicants and basic skills courses for both police officers and traffic officers.

“The agreement establishes the basis for collaboration and coordination to carry out joint activities in academic mattersprograms, courses, seminars, conferences, diploma courses, between Unipol and the municipality, “ he said.

Professionalization of the elements

Likewise, the mayor, Edgar González Zataráin, mentioned that this agreement is a benefit in terms of police professionalization, since the elements will have access to educational and academic programs offered by the university at the higher technical , professional and other equivalent levels. such as bachelor’s degrees, specialties, master’s degrees, and doctors, allowing this to strengthen the preparation of agents.