Tianguistas ask for rehabilitation of the square of the Flores Magón neighborhood


Merchants in the area have been asking the City Council for several years to maintain the space where they set up their harvest stalls.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- For more than three years, the merchants of the tianguis of the Flores Magón neighborhood have asked the Mazatlán City Council for support to remodel the area in which they trade on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays, since the square is currently in a deplorable state.

The poor state of the place starts from the basketball court, which currently has no baskets, while the sidewalks of the park are full of cracks, as well as the kiosk.

” The only thing missing is the bars and the guards so that this looks like a prison, we have been knocking on the doors of the City Hall, but nothing happens, and with the change of administration this will be even more difficult, because the ‘Chemist’ did nothing while time, now who knows if the new president will get his hands on it here , “said Alma, a tianguis merchant.

The representative and spokesperson for the merchants, Blanca Lazcano, pointed out that in September of last year elements from different government agencies promised to attend the site to give it a new face, but that only Parks and Gardens went once to remove the weeds and some trees that were in the way, but from then on they have not received any kind of help.

The place has around 300 merchants, who daily contribute 20 pesos and an annual permit of one thousand pesos.

” We do not see the taxes that they charge us or anything for us, I only see a lot of lack of support here, they do not give us anything, now that it is a new administration, we hope that this change is for the better, because in the management of the Chemist Nothing was paid, the state of the square is embarrassing, I hope that this new mayor will turn here , “said Lazcano.

expect good sales

For the upcoming Christmas season, merchants expect to increase their sales by as much as 60 to 70 percent, which is what is regularly increased each December.

The Mazatlan Post