The New Mayor of Mazatlán cancels the Plaza de la Banda project


The mayor of Mazatlán said that he cannot invest in a project like that when the neighborhoods are lagging behind in public services.

As long as Edgar González Zatarain is in charge of the municipal presidency of Mazatlán, there will be no Plaza de la Banda, as reported by the mayor himself to the media, after being questioned about the progress made in dismantling the El Crestón wastewater treatment plant.

He considered that there are other more important and basic issues such as making public services more efficient and rescuing popular neighborhoods from oblivion before carrying out a project like this.

He said that upon his arrival at the presidency he received a document with more than 60,000 calls to the Directorate of Citizen Attention for reports, complaints and claims.

” There is not going to be a Plaza de la Banda while I am mayor, because I cannot be building a Plaza de la Banda when I have neglected neighborhoods, the issue of public lighting, garbage collection and the issue of streets, of parks and gardens,” he declared.

He added that a study has already been ordered to see how far the dismantling has progressed and if it is still recoverable or reversible while something different is built.

” I am going to discuss it with the governor because it is not a minor issue, it is a matter of a lot of money, of many resources,” he said.

El Corazón 

With the dismantling of this wastewater treatment plant, it was intended to build a Plaza de la Banda in that space, dedicated to Sinaloa music, this project would form part of a tourist circuit on the Paseo del Centenario to which the remodeling of the roundabout was added. The heart.

Regarding this work, in which 1.6 million pesos have already been invested and which was suspended by Semarnat and Profepa for not having federal permits, he commented that they have not yet received the resolution from the federal agencies or the fine for having intervened in the area.

“Once it arrives, we will determine what to do, they tell me that the work is 90% complete, that the only thing missing is to put on the bust and some small repairs, if that is the case, even I have already consulted with experts on the subject of auditing and they tell me that it cannot arrive and throw everything away because they are public resources, right or wrong, it’s already there,” he commented.

If the response from Semarnat is favorable, the bust would be placed and the project would be left until then, the glass bridge is not contemplated either.

” People did not want the issue of change, but it had an impact on a public resource, imagine that after a while he told me ‘because you are so inconsiderate’, that the investment was there, that it was built there, the expense, ‘why did you throw away that money’, I don’t want to stay in that either, we better value it, “he added.


The Mazatlan Post