Lodging tax resources are not only for the promotion of Sinaloa


The Secretary of Tourism of the state revealed that part of that money goes to the office of the Sectur

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The collection for the 3 percent tax on lodging does not only go to the tourist promotion of Sinaloa, revealed Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres.

The secretary of tourism in the state explained that part of these resources are destined for the Sectur office; the rest to support the destinations that have income from this tax.

” It is opportune to clarify it, the municipality that gives the most is Mazatlán, which is possibly around 80 percent, but as we told you in the council, this resource is not only for the promotion of tourist municipalities, it is also used in other things, among them is in the Sectur office, ” he said.

He commented that the municipality that collects the most for this concept is Mazatlan but that it supports those who do not have income.

“It is a single bag for all. The tourist places in which there are Magical Towns, Stately, that do not have hotels, do not capture this resource and if we want the development of tourism to be regional and help everyone, that tax must be distributed in everyone’s promotion, ” he said.

Benitez Torres recalled that last week they had a meeting of the Sinaloa Tourism Promotion Advisory Council, where the progress of the 3 percent lodging tax and all the plans proposed by the state hotel associations were presented.

Mezcal Route

The secretary of tourism added that a plan is being worked on to promote the four municipalities that have the appellation of origin for mezcal, Mazatlán, San Ignacio, Concordia and El Rosario.

He pointed out that a Mezcal Route is planned, which the municipal government of Mazatlán works on, where the Sectur will support to strengthen this issue.

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