GPO, Félix group and authorities inaugurate the second plastic fishing tournament “Clean Bay 2022” 


Topolobampo, Sinaloa . – With the aim of continuing to promote the cleanliness of the environment, working towards the improvement of bays and biodiversity, the group GPO Planta de FertilizadoresGrupo Félix, naval and municipal authorities gave the starting signal for the second plastic fishing tournament  “ Clean Bay 2022 ”.

Víctor Vaca Cuéllar, director of GPO Project Development, explained the idea of ​​cleaning the sea of ​​contaminating agents, mainly the plastic that is thrown into the sea and contaminates the marine ecosystem.

“It is the second plastic fishing tournament and we are very happy that it is taking place because you know that it is an event for the environment, for the cleanliness of our bays and for the biodiversity of our bays, We are following the step and the example that the united nations give us to clean the sea, to clean it in some way to remove plastic pollution.”

The Frigate Captain, Iván Capetillo, on behalf of the Rear Admiral, Gabriel Guzmán Comparán, commander of the Eighth Naval Zone, gave the welcome message and inauguration of the fishing tournament to the participants.

“80 percent of the pollution we have in the sea comes from the land and it is expected that by 2030 this pollution will double, bringing great consequences for health, biodiversity, the climate, for the economy, this is not an easy task and it is not a task of a single person, we must all contribute as the great clean bay plastic fishing turner 2022, that is why I have no choice but to tell you, good fishing, good sea and better winds”.

It is worth mentioning that around 40 participating menhaden left and the first to return from the sea returned with dozens of tires and plastic.

The Mazatlan Post