Trick or treat? Mazatlecos put ingenuity into their costumes


Children, young people, and adults enjoyed the night of witches to the fullest.

MAZATLAN.- Although the Halloween celebrations began over the weekend in bars and clubs, the celebration of Halloween continues and this afternoon it was the turn of the little ones and one or another adolescent and adult brought out their ingenuity when it came to wear costumes.

Pumpkins, Harry Potter and ghosts were the costumes that were used the most on Halloween, but those children who dared to wear truly scary pieces, such as zombies and terrifying clowns, also shone.

Photo: Karyna Sánchez

Some others showed their fanaticism towards movies and animated series such as Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, and Timmy Turner, young people who confidently carried their ‘Halloween ofnis’.

That the costumes are only for children? You’re wrong! Halloween was also the ideal pretext for adults to enjoy with family, friends and alone.

The most popular were the family of the Flintstones, Maleficent and Dr. Strange, who gladly took pictures with children and adults who were amazed by the costumes.

Even Mama Coco was present and moved more than one who recognized her as she walked, but beware, we are not talking about a girl or young adult in disguise, really a granny decided to put on my braids and go trick-or-treating.