“On motorcycles and well dressed they assault us”: Residents of Loma Bonita, in Mazatlán, denounce; mayor agrees to strengthen security


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The absence of paving, and public lighting, as well as problems with the drinking water supply service is not the most serious thing that they face in the Loma Bonita neighborhood in Mazatlán, since the assaults and the robbery of homes are On the order of the day, neighbors denounced this afternoon before the mayor, Édgar González Zatarain.

According to the testimonies, it is when the Sun goes down that more movement of young people on motorcycles, who were described as well dressed, take the opportunity to assault people and strip them of their belongings, there are even those who said they do not sleep because of the movement they hear in the roofs, so they asked the municipality to pay more attention to it.

“You trust those you see as bad living, but some are well dressed and assault people and not just assault them, they even bite and hit them,” a neighbor denounced before the officials and the mayor himself.

Given these requests, the mayor called the person who now occupies the subdirectorate of Public Security in Mazatlan, Commander Carolina Chaidez Ramos, to listen to the neighbors and right there implement strategies that have been successful in other areas of the city.

“I am at your service 24 hours a day, we are also managing a colony segurichat. If you like, we can agree and I will bring you mediation, security, the entire department that we have for anything that you request, occupy or need. Both transit or roads, everything they occupy, we are at your disposal”, commented the first woman to hold a position of this nature within the institution.

In addition to the commitment to implement strategies that provide security to the residents of this settlement, during the tour carried out by the mayor and municipal officials, improvements were agreed on roads, paving, drinking water supply, solutions to drainage problems and the possibility of create recreational spaces for the enjoyment of citizens, in order to improve the well-being of those who live in this sector and those surrounding it.

The Mazatlan Post