Mazatlan Police arrest 7 for Halloween costumes


They paraded in their vehicles legends, rag monkeys, and ‘crime victims’ full of alleged blood, prior to the Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations.

MAZATLÁN.- A very busy weekend was experienced in the city of Mazatlán, since a total of 15 vehicles were sanctioned for an apology of a crime, of which 7 owners were arrested on Sunday night, announced the secretary of Municipal Public Security, Simón Malpica Hernández, who commented that one of the arrests took place in a well-known restaurant in the port.  

He stressed that the cars brought legends against violence, rag monkeys, insinuating violence as if they were boxed full of blood; likewise, in Zona Dorada, on Saturday night, 10 people took turns at the railings for disturbing public order. 

He commented that on the subject of the vehicles, these were located in the parking lot of a well-known restaurant. 

He also pointed out that surveillance in the rest of the city was kept in order at all times.  

“It was in the restaurant on Emilio Barragán Avenue, where they brought legends about violence, rag dolls insinuating that they were encased, full of blood. In the Golden Zone there were 10 detainees for disturbing the order, during the weekend operation, there was an arrest of an armed subject, “he said.  

The secretary added that the special operation will continue today for the celebrations of “Witches’ Day”, as well as the Day of the Dead on Tuesday and Wednesday; where the call is not to carry glass containers or objects that may be a risk or danger. 

police units are missing  

A problem currently presented by the Ministry of Public Security in Mazatlán is its vehicle fleet since it has few police units in service since currently 60 percent of its units do not work, said the Secretary of Public Security Municipal, Simon Malpica Hernandez.  

He commented that, despite not having units, they are providing the service to solve the problems that arise, but it would help them a lot if they had more units, although he stated that they are in the process of requesting more patrols in this new administration. 

Malpica Hernández indicated that all the ATVs that were used for patrolling are in very poor condition, and many of them are broken, 20 to be exact, in which the motor no longer serves to carry out its function.  

He added that in the case of the patrols, many of them are being sent to the municipal workshop so that they can be properly repaired, but right now there are 15 to 20 broken patrols and they are waiting for things to improve. 


The Mazatlan Post