Budget for the Mazatlan Carnival 2023 will be decreased


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- After the departure of José Ángel Tostado Quevedo from the direction of the Institute of Culture, Tourism and Arts of Mazatlán, there are some pending issues, among them the preparations for the maximum party of the port, the International Carnival of Mazatlán.

Edgar Augusto González Zatarain, substitute municipal president, said that during the delivery-reception process one of the issues that was seen was the budget that is being allocated to this festivity, which has been considered excessive since it could once again compromise the finances of the the paramunicipal, so this time there will be changes.

“Right now, for example, we were seeing the theme of Carmaval and I was seeing it with Culture and I asked them, what was the plan you had? And I was there seeing things that were really unnecessary. We have to deflate everything, unless spending is possible, because it is public spending and finally I am not the one to go around giving away the people’s money, ”he commented.

He specified that although this part of the dissemination of our culture and traditions is important to attract people and even investments, this type of festivities at the end of the day are only for those who like those parties, so the resource must be used with that in mind so that what is rescued can be used to combat leftovers in more vulnerable neighborhoods.

The Mazatlan Post